Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) | Barkista

I thought dogs can't have coffee?

You're right! Human coffee is NOT safe for dogs and it should never be given to them. Our dog "coffee" lattes do NOT contain any real coffee, and is instead brewed with safe alternatives such as mushrooms and goats milk.

What kind of benefits does your dog coffee have?

Our dog coffee has numerous health benefits for your pup. Here are some of the few:

  • Boosts immune system
  • Improves gut health
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Calms & Relaxes
  • Relieves Allergies
  • Promotes hydration by encouraging drinking

How can I use dog coffee?

  • Serve on its own in a cute mug or dog bowl
  • Sprinkled over food
  • Rehydrate kibble
  • Freeze in favorite treat toys
  • Make coffee ice cubes
  • Mix with yogurt to make a coffee flavored froyo
  • Sprinkle on top of whipped cream for an enhanced puppacino!

Is it ok for me to brew a k9-cup pod in the Keurig at home that I use it for myself?

Yes! Our k9-cup pods are made with 100% human grade ingredients and is completely safe for you to use in your Keurig machine at home. Just like any other filterless pod on the market, it is advised to run a cleaning cycle after brewing. This can simply be done by running the machine with hot water afterwards without inserting a k-cup.

My dog is already too hyper, he doesn't need coffee!

Don't worry, our coffee does NOT make your dog hyper! In fact, our coffee actually can calm and reduce anxiety since it contains Red Reishi mushrooms, which is known for alleviating these symptoms. Its great to give to your dog before leaving the house if they have separation anxiety.

How often can I give my dog a cup of dog coffee?

Our dog coffee can be given once a day!

How and why was your business started and where did the idea come from?

Our business began with a troublesome retriever named Thai Noodles, a retired guide dog with a strange obsession for human beverages. With all of Thai’s free time, he was always on the prowl figuring out ways to get a lick or two of our sacred cup of morning coffee. As smart as Thai is, he should know that human coffee is not safe for canines! Eventually we had the idea to make him some “coffee” of his own. That’s how Barkista was born! We always make sure the treats we give our dogs will contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Ensuring our product is convenient and accessible for everyone to make is also very important to us. As a senior retired working dog, Thai now looks forward to his cozy cup of Barkista every morning!